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Get Lost In These Magical Multi-Sensory Experiences In Austin • Wonderspace

Enter new worlds of wonder.

We could all use a psychological escape right now. Plunge into the infinite space that is imagination in the multiplicity of multi-sensory experience exhibited in Austin’s Wonderspace.

Stimulate your mind at Wonderspace in Austin, where 12 surreal expositions are currently on display.

The two most popular exhibitions include Submergence by Squidsoup and Hoshi by Nonotak Studio.


“Submergence is an immersive installation comprised of 8,064 individual points of light visitors walk through. The lights continually change colors in correspondence to music. Submergence creates awe-inspiring feelings of movement within physical space.”

Visitors note that the exhibit’s interactive element has been temporarily withdrawn as a safety precaution.


“Hoshi is a depiction of infinite space. Hoshi uses light, mirrors, and sound to engage visitors into an immersive, large-scale experience.”

Other exhibits at Wonderspace include:

  • On a Human Scale by Matthew Matthew: audio-visual collections of individual voice united through technology. While suspended at this moment, visitors could interact with the exhibit and orchestrate its voices as if an instrument.
  • Myrkviðr by Yasuhiro Chida: an luminous installation that presents suspended a ring of light that which casts particles of light in all directions dependent on the viewer’s vantage point.
  • Levitate by Everyware: a playful new media installation animated through participants’ interaction with gravity.

  • Blooms by John Edmark: rotating 3D structures animated under the effect of a strobe light through the use of the golden ration – that is, a natural ratio inherent in sunflowers and pinecones.
  • Body Paint by Memo Akten: an interactive and striking visual interpretation of body gestures captured through body energy.
  • Sweepers Clock by Maarten Baas: a recorded performance of two workers sweeping over the course of half a day.
  • The Last Word by Illegal Art: a visual display of visitor-created thoughts and conversations. Presently, the interactive element of this installation has been suspended.

  • The Immigrant by Michael Murphy: a giant 3D sculpture of the artist’s partner composed of nearly 2,500 suspended wood balls.
  • Thank You Bags by Reed van Brunschot: two larger-than-life inflated shopping bags meant to stir contemplation on the excessiveness of capitalism and residual waste.
  • A Mind Sang by Vier Nev: a dream-like short film that explores perspective through three weaving narratives.

Wonderspace is open from 3 pm – 10 pm on Wednesday and Thursday; 4 pm – 11 pm on Friday; 10 am – 11 pm on Saturday, and 10 am – 8 pm on Sunday. Wonderspace is closed to the public on Mondays and Tuesdays. Tickets cost $24 for adults, $20 for students, teachers, seniors, military, and healthcare workers, $15 for children 3 – 12, and is free for children under 3.

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