23 Wonderful Things To Do This December In Austin

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23 Wonderful Things To Do This December In Austin

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Believe it or not, it’s already December. Between the holiday shopping, decorating, eating, and more eating, there awaits a splendid assortment of magical things to do in the city this holiday season. Read on to discover 70 enchanting things to do in Houston this December! [Featured image: @shanewarephoto]

1-5. Experience Magical Candlelight Concerts

Experience an absolutely magical fall here in Austin, and part of that is thanks to the amazing indoor and outdoor venues the city has to offer. Luckily, Fever Originals has brought its wildly popular Candlelight concert series to Austin.

6. Get Your Tickets To This Tantalizing Dining In The Dark

Imagine stepping inside a restaurant blanketed in darkness and being served a sublime three-course meal – the flavors and textures of which are intensified by your remaining senses. Sounds a little bit incredible, right? An experience that’s been backed by psychologists as an ‘amplified’ way to enjoy food, the enticing ‘Dining In The Dark’ event is coming to Austin this May so you can find out yourself.

7. Visit Hogwarts Castle 

Just in time for spooky season, the yearly residential Harry Potter pop-up, Diagon Alley Austin Halloween House, is on display for all witches, wizards, and muggles. Saddle your broomstick and take a flight out to the cross streets of Slaughter Lane and Bungalow in Austin, Texas, where Texas couple, Joel and Amanda Pace, have transformed their lawn into the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter once again.

8. Go Skydiving Inside

Feel the thrill of skydiving without jumping out of an airplane: it’s possible! Head to iFLY Austin, a premier indoor skydiving facility powered by a state-of-the-art vertical wind tunnel. After a training session, you’ll experience free-fall conditions with the help of an instructor. No experience is necessary, and afterward, you can take home a personalized flight certificate.

9. See The Best Texas Has To Offer

Anyone that has ever road tripped out of state understands the sheer size of Texas. And with its enormousness, there’s plenty to see and do in the Lonestar State. From state parks and small towns, to luscious vineyards, to some strange little oddities along the way, here’s some exploration inspiration for my fellow Texan wanderlusts.

10. Check Out This Far Out Vintage Market Pop Up

Photo credit: @ginabereal

Now more than ever is the time to support small businesses. Thankfully, with live music, good eats, and a crop of awesome local shops at The Far Out Lounge, it’s never been so much fun.

11. Challenge Yourself at This Escape Room

The Escape Game offers one-of-a-kind, premium experiences that are very different from what you typically see in other escape rooms. These games aren’t scary or dark: they are exciting, adventurous, and something anyone can enjoy! You will have exactly 60 minutes to follow clues, solve puzzles, and complete your mission together. Escaping will require teamwork, communication, wits, and a sense of adventure—but even if you don’t manage to escape, fun is always guaranteed!

12. Enter A Portal Into Parallel Universes

Photo credit: @caffeineandgasoline.x

Light displays and exhibitions are still out there in January if you know where to find the portal. Enter the multi-verse at the Mesmerize exhibition at the Native Hostel at 807 E 4th St.

13. Go On An Awesome Austin Scavenger Hunt

Get ready to conquer Austin, completing wacky missions all over town while learning about this unique city’s best kept secrets, quirks, conversation pieces, local secrets, points of interest, fun facts, history, art, culture and more! Expect belly laughs, priceless memories, and hilarious stories with the photos to prove it! Explore the city in this truly rich experience that throws you into the middle of the scene. It makes for a terrific team-building experience for groups of all kinds and sizes—it’s great for curious locals as well!

14. Withdraw Cupcakes From This Sweet ATM

Photo credit: @emmaleine_

For many, a trip to the ATM, particularly after a long weekend, is a somewhat trepidatious process. One mind trick is to simply make the withdrawal without peaking at your balance – if money comes out, it means you still have some in the account. When making a withdrawal from Sprinkles Cupcake ATM, it’s kind of like that, except much more exciting.

15-16. Glamp In The Stars

Spend a few nights at Basecamp Terlingua, an other-worldly glamping experience that integrates the future with the past, giving its visitors the impression of luxury camping in the cosmos.

  • Horizon on the Hill in Marble Falls is a wedding venue like none other. The countryside venue offers sweeping views of the surrounding countryside, a majestic look over Lake LBJ and Lake Marble Falls, and a dazzling stardome that acquaints visitors with a magical view of the constellations.

17. Visit Austin’s Most Haunted

If you are drawn to stories of the macabre, then this night tour is for you! Enjoy tales of murder, mystery, unrequited love, and many, many ghosts while taking a leisurely stroll. In Austin, nearly every street corner has a story to tell; with the right guide, you’ll uncover the hidden stories that can’t be found in textbooks. Don’t miss this walking experience under the cover of darkness—you’ll find that expert storytellers combined with the weirdness of Austin make for a hauntingly good tour!

18. Sweeten Up At This Precious Bakery

Hyde Park may possibly well be the most charming neighborhood in Austin. And it’s due to its quaint collection of local coffee houses, restaurants, and grocers. On 43rd street, across the way from Fresh Plus, you have Quacks Bakery, home to buzzworthy coffee concoctions, precious pastries, and the most enticing danishes in the capital.

19. Hang Out At The Armadillo Den

The two-story Armadillo Den is hooked up with Google Fiber Wifi. With both indoor and outdoor seating options, this makes the Den ideal for mixing work and play. Its spacious patio is spruced up with oak trees, plenty of tables, yard games, a swing, and a running creek. In the near future, the Den plans to open an off-leash dog park as well as construct a kid-friendly awning area.

20. Get Lost In This Magical Multi-Sensory Wonderspace

We could all use a psychological escape right now. Plunge into the infinite space that is imagination in the multiplicity of multi-sensory experience exhibited in Austin’s Wonderspace. Stimulate your mind at Wonderspace in Austin, where 12 surreal expositions are currently on display.

21. Channel The Addams Family At This Spooky Monster Mansion In Texas

Ghouls, goblins, and other unearthly creatures are invited to hang their head – er, hat – at Waxahachie’s Munster Mansion, a colossal replica of the house featured in ’60s cult-classic sitcom, The Munsters. 

22. Visit The Museum Of Ice Cream

Let your imagination run wild this fall in the state capital as Museum of Ice Cream has brought their stunning and whimsical experiums to Austin. MOIC, based in New York City, crafts surreal and saturated landscapes splashed with dazzling installations through which visitors are invited to connect with themselves and the environment around them.

23. Meditate Year Round

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