New Survey Says Texas Is The Second Most Hated State In The Country

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New Survey Says Texas Is The Second Most Hated State In The Country

Haters gonna hate.

The great State of Texas is not only the second largest in the continental United States of America, but the second most hated. In a survey conducted by bestlifeonline.com, the Lonestar State has been ranked as the second most hated state by both residents and rivals.

How any state that has produced the likes of Willie Nelson, Beyonce, Buddy Holly, and Selena, could have received an iota of hate is beyond us. On top of the indelible and incalculable contributions to art and music that which Texas is responsible, it is also home to a variety of flourishing cities, abundant parks, and the birthplace of Tex-Mex. Yet, for all of this, there are still some, local and foreign bodies in the nation that thumb their noses at Texas.

In a recent study conducted by bestlifeonline.com, researchers examined a variety of data to discover the single most hated state in America. The metrics they examined included: comparing state population increase or decrease to the national average (0.6 percent), a Gallup poll surveying which citizens’ pride in their states by voting their states as “the best or of of the best possible states to live.”

Lastly, the publication conducted a poll via Instagram, prompting participants to name the state that they hate the most – factoring in the state’s population to adequately gauge the volume of hate by percentage. The results were ultimately compiled into an algorithm producing a Hatred Index. That is, the higher the score, the more odious the state.

As you’ve read, Texas ranked the second highest on this Hatred Index with a number of 758, 50 points higher than California, who came in at third. Our state pride number came out at 68 percent, and our population change compared to the US average equalled 2 percent. Alaska, California, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, are the four states that loathe Texas the most.

Coming in at the number one most hated state in the nation is New Jersey with a Hatred Index of 818. It’s population change compared to the country average is -0.3 percent with a State Pride score of 28 percent.

For those wondering, Florida came in at number 5.

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