Texas Couple Shelters Delivery Driver For Five Days After Her Vehicle Got Stuck

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Texas Couple Shelters Delivery Driver For Five Days After Her Vehicle Got Stuck

Now that’s southern hospitality.

Texas has experienced its fair share of grueling storms over the years. While each one feels worse than the last, there is one thing that you can expect in times of turbulence, and that is Texans helping each other out. Whether it’s hometown heroes, local businesses, or Texas-based celebrities, or countless residents, you can always count on people reaching out to one another. In this case, the two were Doug Condon and Nina Richardson. [Featured image: via Chelsea Timmons’ Facebook]

Chelsea Timmons, a grocery delivery driver from Houston, was making deliveries up in Austin on the morning of Valentine’s Day. Timmons had of late been making the three-hour drive up to Austin to do so, as the market for grocery delivery is higher paying. Her plan was to make a little extra money that morning, then return to Houston at noon in preparation for the coming storm – snow wasn’t predicted to fall until later that night.

By the time of making her last run at 11 am of that morning, road conditions had worsened. To make the delivery, Timmons had to pull her vehicle down the couple’s steep driveway. After delivering the groceries, however, the descent was so iced over that Timmon’s vehicle couldn’t make it back up. The group phoned a AAA truck, and after waiting four hours after the scheduled arrival time, the company informed them that their location was inaccessible “due to current conditions”.

Day 5
Stranded with a Stranger

Story time. So if you know me, you know that on the weekend I work for delivery…

Posted by Chelsea Timmons on Thursday, February 18, 2021

After repeated failed attempts at summoning a ride share service to take her to a hotel, Condon and Richardson – who’d both been vaccinated – offered her their guest room to stay for the night. Even more, the two cooked her dinner:

“These people let a complete STRANGER stay the night! Not only that but cooked me a STEAK DINNER!” Timmons wrote in a Facebook post.

Five days later, a combination of icy roads, what ifs, and insistent hospitality, kept Timmons at the household:

“Every morning after they say -‘no worries, stay a bit longer.’ – I go to ‘my’ room and shed tears of joy,” Timmons said. At the end of her post, Timmons counted her blessings:

“How AMAZINGLY BLESSED am I right in this moment?!” she wrote.

The next day, road conditions had cleared to the point where Timmons could safely drive home.

“Made it home safe. The Parents and the Pups were happy to see me. Thank you all for the well wishes!! Looking forward to being in my own bed tonight!!” She wrote.

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