Taco Fuego Pop-Up Is Giving Away 150 Taco Bell-Inspired Meals Today

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Taco Fuego Pop-Up Is Giving Away 150 Taco Bell-Inspired Meals Today

The pop-up will be giving out 150 tacos to early birds this Wednesday, February 24 courtesy of Bacardi and Ranch Rider.

Feed your nostalgia for old Mexican-American fast-food favorites today with the return of the Taco Fuego pop up at the Lowdown Lounge. Today, Taco Bell lovers will have the opportunity to order discarded menu items from the famed franchise.

This Wednesday, from 6 – 9 pm, the Taco Fuego pop-up at The Lowdown Lounge will feature a variety of lost-but-not-forgotten Taco Bell menu options. The pop-up did not release their menu, but the last go around featured menu items such as homespun takes on TB’s 7-Layer Burrito (7 Level Burrito), Mexican Pizza (Za Bless), Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes (Cheesy Fuego Taters), and Double Decker Tacos (Dubbie Deckie).

The first 150 visitors will receive free tacos. On-site beverage purchases from Ranch Riders as well as frozen drinks will be available. Last time, the pop-up, because an Taco Bell reincarnation wouldn’t be complete without Mountain Dew products, gave customers the opportunity to choose from an assortment of libations including Baja Blast. That said, the pop-up did not say whether or not such options would be available this go around.

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