Enter A Portal To Parallel Universes At This Mesmerizing Light Experience

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Enter A Portal To Parallel Universes At This Mesmerizing Light Experience

Prepare for the extraordinary.

Light displays and exhibitions are still out there in January if you know where to find the portal. Enter the multi-verse at the Mesmerize exhibition at the Native Hostel at 807 E 4th St.. [Featured image: @caffeineandgasoline.x]

Throughout the season, visitors can transcend space time at Austin’s new interactive art gallery and multi-sensory exposition. Mesmerize documents the cosmic odyssey of a character named Mesmer, whose intergalactic travels have unveiled untold similarities between our world and the ones beyond. With Mesmerize, visitors are encouraged to suspend their notions of reality in order to gain a higher understanding.

“Prepare for the extraordinary,” the gallery writes on its website. “Here, parallel universes are real and every day starts with a step into an interdimensional portal.”

“Minds should remain open at all checkpoints, and will be marked with a deeper understanding of parallel dimensions.  Do not be alarmed if you experience high levels of ‘What on earth is going on?’ These feelings will dissipate as you come to realize that you, like all that exists, are infinite.”

To ensure that guests are kept safe, the gallery has implemented a number of new safety precautions, including:

  • Frequent sanitization and cleaning
  • Limited capacity to 15 people at a time
  • Required face coverings
  • Suggested directional flow
  • Temperature checks at the door
  • Reduced contact points

Timed-entry tickets to Mesmerize are on sale now for $25 – children 3 and younger are permitted free entry. Ticket buyers can order their tickets online in advance or at a kiosk at the door.

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