Visit The ‘Twilight Zone’ At Art & Sound Festival In Austin This December

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Visit The ‘Twilight Zone’ At Art & Sound Festival In Austin This December

Experience an interplay of sight and sound in Bee Cave this December for Buzz Fest.

Just before 2020 calls it quits, Austin will host a new conceptual Art & Light Festival in Bee Cave. From December 17 – 19, the Hill County Galleria will host Buzz Fest, a free, immersive multi-media exhibition for all ages.

“The Hill Country Galleria Plaza will become one large art and sound installation with original musical compositions and visually stunning choreographed light art performances conducted twice each evening by nationally acclaimed artists,” the festival’s website reads.

Buzz Fest, the winter light festival, promotes itself as a multi-media concept exhibition:

“There is an existential light festival in the deep ocean, in the eternal vortex of survival, adaptation, and propagation,” reads the festival’s website. “This is the ‘Twilight Zone’ where only 1% of sunlight reaches its inhabitants who signal and deceive each other via spectacular bioluminescence. The Twilight Zone is an alien world to us, even though it contains the majority of ocean’s life mass. We have only begun to explore these depths within the last two decades.”

Buzz Fest is coordinated by new media artist and sound designer, Kyle Evans, as well as Barna Kantor, an artistic director, teacher, and co-founder of dadaLab, a promotional large-scale space for experimental arts along side Evans.

Buzz Fest will feature the work of a series of artists of varying disciplines. Performance art, fire dancing, synchronized laser and audio technology, and projection art, will feature in the exhibition.

dadaLab, Evans’ and Kantor’s art space, is hosting one last viewing of their percussive-based event, Dumpster Fire, featuring legendary SWANS’ musician Thor Harris, as well as Pong’s Lyman Hardy. Dumpster Fire will take place for one more night on November 21, with two more showings at 6 and & 7:30 pm. Tickets are $8.

Buzz Fest is free to the public. It will be held from December 17 – 19 at Hilly Country Galleria from 6 – 10 pm.

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