Leander H-E-B Gives Away Free Groceries After Losing Power

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Leander H-E-B Gives Away Free Groceries After Losing Power

H-E-B continues to come through.

There’s always one grocer Texas can count on during times of duress, and that’s H-E-B. Throughout the pandemic, the grocer went above and beyond to continue servicing the public, while simultaneously protecting and honoring its staff. In the past few months, H-E-B also opened up as a vaccine portal. Now, during a devastating winter storm that has left millions without power and water, the Texas-based grocer continues to show up Texas. [Featured image: @MONTINIQUE MONROE / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / GETTY IMAGES VIA AFP]

Last week, while power was still out for millions of Texans across the state. Some had been without for over 48 hours. Many were still without water. On top of that, those with water were under a boil notice, having to boil water before drinking, brushing their teeth, or washing certain surfaces.

Those who were able to drive, that went to stock on groceries had to face excruciatingly long lines to do so.

Many were waiting in line to purchase basic necessities such as water, milk, and eggs, when the power in the store cut off.

Leander local, Tim Hennessy, was caught in the middle of it. Halfway through shopping with his wife, Deb, the power shut off. Not wanting to get turned away, the two hurried to collect their groceries and check out as soon as possible.

The two filed into a line among several hundred people, with them behind with “about 10 full carts in front of us” as Hennessy wrote in a Facebook post that has since gone viral.

When the two arrived at the checkout counter, they were astonished to be waved through.

“We probably had a couple of hundred dollars worth of groceries. She said: ‘Just go ahead and be safe driving home.'” Hennessy noted how the several hundred people also buying groceries were directed to do so as well.

“We could not believe the generosity of H.E.B. and the kindness of that wonderful gesture…they allowed people to continue to shop for another 10-15 minutes after the power went out and then let everyone leave the store without so much as a single dollar being asked for from the hundreds of people leaving the store.”

H-E-B is the real MVP!

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