‘Frida Kahlo Oasis’ Multisensory Exhibit Is Now Open At This Tropical Texas Botanical Garden

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‘Frida Kahlo Oasis’ Multisensory Exhibit Is Now Open At This Tropical Texas Botanical Garden

Visitors can now explore the connections between Frida Kahlo’s works and the natural world!

The San Antonio Botanical Garden has become an outdoor museum for visitors with their multisensory Frida Kahlo Oasis exhibition. From May 8 to November 2, visitors can glean deeper insights into the iconic painter’s masterful works of art in a natural sanctuary of native Mexican plants, tropical foliage, and desert plants. [Featured image via Shutterstock]

“Kahlo Oasis, bringing to San Antonio a captivating rendition of the artist’s iconic blue home, Casa Azul, and lush green sanctuary that profoundly influenced her timeless art,” the garden writes on their website. “Uniquely curated by the San Antonio Botanical Garden, this exhibition uncovers Kahlo’s deep connection with Mexican native vegetation and the natural world.”

In the recreation of Caza Azul, the SA Botanical Garden is designating a 2,100-square-foot space to lush greenery emblematic of the artist’s works and inspiration. Furthermore, Kahlo Oasis features iconic pieces from the artist’s garden, including “the pyramid that displayed Diego Rivera’s pre-Colombian artifacts collection, the frog-themed fountain, and Kahlo’s desk and easel.”

Art connoisseurs will also recognize in the garden re-occurring motifs from Kahlo’s paintings with the presence of a monkey, deer, butterfly, hummingbird, parrot, and monkey.

Mexican-inspired programs are also available with such art history lectures, culinary and cocktail workshops, family events, and special curated tours.

Frida Kahlo Oasis is now open at the San Antonio Botanical Garden on May 8 until November 2, 2021.

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