Texas Dogowner Held A Maternity Shoot For Pregnant Foster And It’s Adorably Wholesome

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Texas Dogowner Held A Maternity Shoot For Pregnant Foster And It’s Adorably Wholesome

The glow-up story that we all need right now.

Dog moms are just built different – and we’re all about it! Caitie Evers is the dog mom of soon-to-be dog moms. To commemorate the foster mom’s 196th fostered pup, Caitie held a heart-melting photo shoot for her pregnant foster basset hound, Ella. [Featured image: @shaunakiely_photography]

As a self-described “extremely extra foster mom,” Evers goes above and beyond to show her rescues love. Look no further than the Ever’s latest gallery of Instagram posts showcasing a glowing maternity photoshoot for her latest foster, Ella.

The maternity shoot pictures included five dazzling images and one video of Evers with Ella in a field of bluebonnets. All of which capture the pup’s glow-up after being rescued from the streets of Houston, to becoming a healthy, well-behaved, and adorable doggo!

In one of her Instagram posts, Evers noted that the purpose of her photoshoots was to spread awareness, and importance of, dog rescues in Houston.

“People continue to be shocked when I end up with beautiful, healthy, well-behaved, full-bred foster dogs,” Evers wrote. “But reality is, here in Houston, with over a million strays, we really do have every breed of dog in need… Without altering their pets, accidental pregnancies, like Ella here, are happening everywhere which just contributes to the stray population.”

Evers wrote how though she truly loves fostering pups, she would be even happier if she didn’t have to.

Under her caitiesfosterfam account, Evers operates an Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, updating her pages with media showcasing the progress of her fostered animals. People can help Ever’s mission by donating through her Amazon wishlist and/or to Chip N Sip canine medical fundraising organization.

As for Ella, she is due to have up to 8 pups any day now!

“My favorite part of social media is bringing you all along for the journey. I can’t wait to share the good and the bad of puppy birth, newborns, and more. Please know your questions are always welcome,” Evers wrote.

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