Earth’s First Commercial Spaceport Coming To Texas

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Earth’s First Commercial Spaceport Coming To Texas

Houston Spaceport is preparing to blast off in 2021.

Next year, a new space enterprise will join the likes of NASA and the Johnson Space Center. In 2021, Houston Spaceport, the world headquarters for Axiom Space, will begin construction on its wing at the Ellington Airport. [Featured image via fly2houston.com]

According to its website, Axiom Space Station is “a commercial laboratory and residential infrastructure in space.” It is to be the basis of “microgravity experiments, critical space-environment materials testing, and private and professional astronauts alike.”

While Axiom Station itself orbits some 250 above’s Earth’s surface, its company headquarters will be stationed in none other than Space City, Houston.

“Our great city is known for taking on humankind’s boldest challenges,” said Mayor Turner in a press conference. “In 2021, the Houston Spaceport will be the world’s headquarters for Axiom Space, a privately funded outer space enterprise.”

According to Mayor Turner, the opening of the Houston Spaceport will bring over 1,000 high-paying jobs to Houston in engineering, science, mathematics, and more.

“2020 has really, really tested us,” Turner said. “But make no mistake, this should remind all of us that hope is on our horizon as our city recovers.”

The Houston Spaceport campus will span over 150 acres in the south quadrant of the Ellington Airport under the ownership and management of the Houston Airport System.

“In addition to serving as a launch and landing site for suborbital, reusable launch vehicles, Houston Spaceport offers laboratory office space including technology incubator space and large-scale hardware production facilities.”

The company has not yet announced when it expects construction to be complete.

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