Someone Has Been Going Around Austin Posing As The Night King

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Someone Has Been Going Around Austin Posing As The Night King

Much like the actual Game of Thrones series, this winter storm was filled with heroes, villains, plot twists, and ends in perplexing disappointment. Spoilers ahead.

The winter storm began with a feeling of hope. Expectations ran high with the incoming winter flurry. Texans imagined building snowman, sledding, getting off work. But then came the darkness. Massive power outages, frigid temperatures, bursted pipes, and no water. It’s been winter in its cruelest form. This dark twist of events has been so ominous in fact, that it has summoned none other than the Night King, itself. [Featured image: @u/JediWithAnM4]

Like any poorly written saga, this Texas winter storm has been plagued with disappointment at every turn, getting worse and worse as it rolled on. Those controlling the systems that be failed the state on practically every level.

But, not unlike GOT, there were plenty of characters that enchanted us along the way. From celebrities like Beyoncé and Trae The Truth, to local legends like Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale, to local businesses, and countless concerned citizens just trying to lend a helping hand.

Photo credit: u/JediWithAnM4

And while many have worked tirelessly to crowdfund, feed, and shelter their neighbors, there were some that just wanted to make others smile.

In an other-worldy cosplay, an Austinite known only as Bud, has been lurking around the icy Austin landscape, posing as the Night King.

Acccording to Meteorologist, Avery Tomasco, Bud is “an all around do-gooder that wanted to bring a smile so some faces”.

Now, if there were only an Arya to come and (metaphorically) defeat the Night King to get this whole winter over with.

Stay weird, Austin.

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